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Now accepting bookings from June 2021. 
NWMS is a well established organisation, run by Paramedics and Doctors that thrive on providing high quality services at affordable prices, for a range of clients and events. Regardless of whether you’re having a sporting event, a concert or a large scale TV production, we have the ability to supply the required clinicians, such as First Responders, Paramedics, Nurses, Doctors or even full Ambulance crews! You can be confident that we will also provide the right kit for the right job, from fully equipped response bags complete with oxygen/defibrillators, to rapid response cars, 4 x 4 ambulances or Emergency ambulance vehicles. We will work with you to find the team and equipment that’s right for your event.

All our staff are highly trained and experts in their field of work, many working frontline either in the NHS or private ambulance sector. This experience, coupled with strict due diligence and governance means you can relax knowing that the medical cover is of the highest standard.

Looking to the future late 2021…
There are exciting times ahead for NWMS, as we are currently undertaking CQC registration to ensure that the services we provide to you are regulated and governed appropriately.

Ready to request a quote or book for your event now? Get in touch for details.

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